The Sunday I went to the Delta Tigre Louise, a guest, walking in the garden by the river
A few weeks ago, I was invited to spend the day in a blue house by the Tigre river, just outside of Buenos Aires. I woke up early and took the train to a small town called Tigre. After a few difficulties (even speaking Spanish, things can be complicated here!), I was on a boat to la Casa Azul aka the Blue House. Each house here has a number, as if the rivers were streets, as well as a name, but people only know the house’s names. Numbers are just for decoration it seems!

Hugo’s house was indeed blue, and beautiful. Like any other house on the Delta, the place is only reachable by boat, this is because the Delta is a series of islands and swamps where there are no roads whatsoever.

About Tigre

The NY Times wrote a beautiful article about Tigre and the Museo de Arte de Tigre:

“Tigre is named for the jaguars — which were called tigers — that once roamed here, before the islands became important agriculturally for wicker and fruit in the mid-1800. After an 1877 yellow fever epidemic in Buenos Aires, Tigre was seen as a healthful retreat, 45 minutes by train from Buenos Aires.”

A quiet day by the Tigre river
A quiet day by the Tigre river

Hugo and Séverine became friends through their passion of Tango. Séverine arrived in Buenos Aires from France around the same time as I did last year. She explains why Tigre holds a special place in her heart:

“What fascinates me about Tigre is how the colours and landscapes change all the time. You have blossoms all year long since migrants came with their plants. Right now, we have the bay trees and in spring, there’s wisteria everywhere. Tigre also changes from one day to the next. You have crowds during the weekend and the water is totally quiet during the week. We are never bored here, there’s always something to do!”

The Blue House aka La Casa Azul

I arrived around 12pm and was very pleased by the positive vibes around the house and its garden. The house itself is great but the garden by the river is an absolute gem. Apart from the fact that it has a private deck and kayaks, it has a slackline and even a couple hammocks! It really is a paradise just 40 minutes by train from Buenos Aires city centre.

La Casa Azul
La Casa Azul

Shortly after I arrived, we started getting everything ready for lunch. We prepared a tomato sauce and the dough for the pizza that we were going to cook on the parrilla (aka grill) as well as the provolone cheese, the meat and the vegetables we were going to grill.

Hugo the asador (grill master)
Hugo the asador (grill master)

The pizza was my favourite part of lunch and the way it was cooked was a first for me. This technique is widely used in Argentina, since it is the country where cooking on the fire and Italian roots are magically combined and it is so yummy!

Final touch: some roquette on the grilled pizza
Final touch: some roquette on the grilled pizza

Tango music

I had a great time in Hugo’s house with the other guests, enjoying a great lunch, but the best moment that day was when, after lunch, Hugo started playing his bandoneon, which is an essential instrument in most tango ensembles. Tigre is such a quiet place that I could really enjoy the sound of Hugo’s music. The green surroundings made it even more beautiful.


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