Learning to Cook an Indian Meal with Saffron Cookery Classes in Gloucester Indian Feast

Right from the start it was the plan to experience as many of our classes on takemecooking.com as possible, for our love of cooking as well as helping to let you know what to expect if you choose a class!

We choose a class based in the UK, in Gloucester to learn how to cook homemade Indian food. The English love a good Indian takeaway and we are no exception, I have been fortunate enough to learn some techniques before and the taste is so different from what we know from restaurants and takeaways, it’s fresher, lighter and there are so many different ideas which aren’t hard to recreate!

Meeting Tahira

Tahira is a fantastic host, she makes you feel comfortable and at home from the very start of your experience. It can be nerve wracking booking an experience like this for the first time but you’d have nothing to worry about with Tahira!

…….. but bring your appetite with you!

Learning to cook the Indian Dishes

Tahira talked us through all the spices and ingredients she uses. This is really helpful and as the day went on you can see how many different options you have with the basic core ingredients.


Onion Bhaji’s were the first dish followed by slices of potato fried in an aromatic batter, both of these were delicious. Great starters. They were incredibly moreish though and I was filling up on them fast and there was so much more to come!

Indian Starters

The next dish demonstrated to us was aromatic rice cooked with cumin and coriander, from someone who has never mastered cooking rice quite right Tahira made this so simple! A Tarka Dhal had been pre prepared for us and I have to say I have not been the biggest fan of Dhal in the past. Dhal’s are very flavoursome and can often be very spicy, so Tahira removed some of the chillies for us as she worried it would be a bit too much!

Rice and Dhal

Chicken Korma was next on the list and probably my favourite! A home cooked Chicken Korma really is nothing like the ones you get in the restaurant’s, there’s no coconut milk at all! I have made a Korma before and it was completely different to this one, this is one of the things I love about Indian food, you can learn the same dish from various people and they will all be almost completely different! A traditional Korma can also be quite spicy and not at all creamy like we are used to.

Chicken Korma

Eating the food we had made

Tahira had pre prepared various other dishes and accomplishments for our meal as well as everything we had just made, it was a feast! We sat with her to eat and discuss the dishes, she gave us some feedback on being a host with Take Me Cooking and how her classes were being received locally.

Indian Feast

Tahira makes an excellent host and believe me when I say you won’t go home hungry!

You’ll also have a lot of new recipes and skills to take away with you and I’ve enjoyed recreating the dishes at home.


To book this experience for yourself click here and please let us know how you get on!

Look out for our next post with another host!

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