How I made chocolate candy for the Day of the Dead in Mexico City

I first met José by email while I was planning my trip to Mexico a few weeks ago. When I plan a trip, the first thing I do research on is potential hosts for Take Me Cooking! The truth is, I am very grateful for the cooking community I met thanks to this venture, they are amazing and I’m so happy to share about them on this blog.

The story behind Totokin

José created a chocolate studio called Totokin in Condesa, Mexico City.

After a few exchanges by email and WhatsApp, we arranged to meet. That day, José explained to me the imaginary tale behind the name Totokin.

Totokin is a penguin who lived with his family and friends on the Glacier, but he felt that there was something different about him, something magical. Suddenly, he magically turned into a Golden Penguin, with a wonderful power: everything he touched could turn into Chocolate. This is how Totokin touched the Glacier and turned it into a Chocolate Glacier. With his powers he was able to melt it and transformed it into a river of refreshing chocolate in which he dived and heated it into a lake of hot chocolate. In the same way, he built a magical world made of chocolate in all its forms, including cookies, ice cream and cakes. Totokin also discovered that the source of his magic came from nothing more and nothing less than his heart because he was born with a chocolate heart.

TOTOKIN actually comes from the word Nahuatl TOTOXOLOTL which means PENGUIN and the word Maya TAAK’IN which means GOLD. KIN also means GOLD in Japanese. With what TOTOKIN means GOLDEN PENGUIN.

The word TOTOKIN has another meaning in Japanese: THE FINAL IS THE BEST. This reminds me of this quote by Jacques Torres:

“Life is short. Eat dessert first. ”

Making Bite Size Skull Chocolate Candy

The day of my visit to Totokin studio, José had received a personalized order for a local business: Skull chocolate Candy! I was in Mexico City just before the Day of the Dead, so this order made total sense.

Totokin is a company dedicated to the manufacture of Chocolate and Chocolate Products with a focus on the healthy market: sugar free, vegan, organic. All their ingredients are local!

José also organizes in their cooking studio a few workshops around the different uses of their delicious chocolate. That day in Mexico, I was lucky enough to have a personalized workshop with José and the Chef, making those bite size skull chocolate! We used white and dark chocolate and a passion fruit syrup that brought a beautiful color to it.

I had a lot of fun, it was super original, not the typical cooking workshop, but definitely worth it if you like chocolate!

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